Fine Designer Jewelry - Handcrafted in New York City - Susan Suh
Fine Designer Jewelry - Handcrafted in
New York City - Susan Suh
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Talents to Know SUSAN SUH
Born in Seoul, S. Korea and raised in California,
Susan Suh moved to New York City to chase a dream
of becoming a fashion designer. She attended the
Fashion Institute of Technology while gaining industry
experience at such houses as Armani and Versace.

When her fiancé proposed and she was asked to
design her own engagement ring; she fell in love
again, this time with the making of jewelry. To further
her education, she attended the Jewelry Arts Institute
to study classical jewelry-making techniques before
launching her debut collection, Freedom & Hope
which includes the Butterfly and Dragonfly.

Susan's collections are inspired by the message:
Dare To Live Your Dream. She says, "I once gave up
my dream because I thought it was impossible. Along
my journey, I learned why - I was afraid. Once I let that
fear go, I felt light enough to fly and to really live my
dream. I wear my wings every day as a reminder to
myself - to dream".

Her design process starts with architectural and
structural elements whether they are solid or fluid.
She utilizes fashion design techniques such as
draping and pattern-making in the developmental
stages of her collections. Details are important to
Susan, such as comfort, functionality and quality of
her handcrafted pieces. She finds inspiration in
patterns.  “I think there is truth in patterns found in
nature. I call this the blue print for design,” says the